Racing Queensland Off-The-Track Thoroughbred Program

The Mort & Co King of the Mountain Race Day proudly supports the Queensland Off-The-Track Program (QOTT Program) and its mission to secure a bright future for retired racehorses. By partnering with this remarkable charity, we actively contribute to the well-being and post-racing success of Queensland racehorses.

Through the Mort & Co King of the Mountain Race Day, we directly aid the QOTT Program’s initiatives that support racehorses in their transition from the racetrack to retirement. We recognize the importance of finding second careers for these magnificent animals, and our event actively promotes the involvement of Acknowledged Retrainers who play a crucial role in placing retired racehorses into new vocations.
Additionally, our Event Sponsorship Program shines a spotlight on the versatility and adaptability of Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds bred for racing. By showcasing their potential in various disciplines and settings, we help stimulate demand for these breeds and raise awareness of their incredible capabilities beyond the racetrack.

Education and support are integral aspects of the QOTT Program, and the Mort & Co King of the Mountain Race Day actively contributes to this cause. Through our collaboration, we provide educational opportunities for industry participants, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and resources to facilitate a smooth transition for racehorses into their post-racing lives. Furthermore, our event generates funds that contribute to the QOTT Program’s grants, assisting not-for-profit organizations and charities dedicated to the lifelong welfare of retired racehorses.

By attending and supporting this year’s Mort & Co King of the Mountain Race Day, you are directly making a difference in the lives of racehorses. Your participation contributes to the success of the QOTT Program, enabling the continuation of their vital work in ensuring the well-being, care, and prosperous futures of retired racehorses. Together, we are forging a brighter future for these incredible animals.


Maddox’s Helping Hand

The Australian Centre for Complex Integrated Surgical Solutions (ACCISS), led by Dr. Michael Wagels, has been at the forefront of ground-breaking life-changing surgeries. Their expertise was instrumental in saving the hand of Maddox, a young boy whose life was forever changed thanks to Dr. Michael’s intervention.

ACCISS, established in October 2019, is dedicated to providing clinicians with access to cutting-edge technologies that enhance patient care. By harnessing technologies such as 3D printing, Computer Aided Design, and Virtual & Augmented Reality devices, ACCISS strives to revolutionize healthcare.

In 2020, the Maddox’s Helping Hand Foundation (MHHF) was founded to support ACCISS in cases where the public hospital system falls short. MHHF has organized fundraising events since May 2021, raising close to $300,000.00 to date.

Through the collaborative efforts of ACCISS and MHHF, countless patients, particularly children across Queensland, have gained access to specialized skills and advanced technologies that have significantly improved their quality of life.

By choosing MHHF as one of the designated charities for this year’s Mort & Co King of the Mountain, you contribute to their missions and enable continued support for patients in need. Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of individuals and families facing complex medical challenges.



Mort & Co is passionate about Mental Health. We believe that if we can find solutions for people suffering mental health, we will also have an impact on many other national issues, including suicide, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and homelessness – to name a few. 

The Mort’s Mates Mental Health Research Project is the result of Mort & Co and its mates coming together to raise money to support new research by the Florey Institute that looks at targeted therapy in brain disorders. This will directly support research into the medication of schizophrenia, depression, dementia, bi-polar and anxiety related illnesses.

The Florey is the largest brain research centre in the Southern Hemisphere, with teams of researchers dedicated to building knowledge on a range of neurological and psychiatric conditions.

Our expertise, collaborations and world-class facilities mean that our knowledge can be accelerated into impact – finding treatments and advancing clinical practice to improve the lives of people living with brain and mental health conditions.

Globally there is a sense of urgency to find causes, interventions and cures for conditions affecting the brain, and a growing need for new or improved treatments for mental health conditions. The Florey has been on the forefront of this research for over 50 years, improving understanding of the body’s most elusive organ.